The Death of Johnny Forceps

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"The Death of Johnny Forceps" is a short cross-genre film about the life and apparent death of a man who may or not be named Johnny Forceps.

All writing, editing, directing, and animating done by Timothy David Orme.

Voice talent from the lovely: Tate Mccullough, Leta Neustaedter, Carly Latimore, Frederick L. Scott, Timothy David Orme, and Sean Small.

Camera work by Brandon Freeman, Jason Stephens, and Matthew Wade (time-lapse).

Beautiful extra masturbatory design by Matt Johnson.

Sound Design by Stephen Baldassarre.

Special thanks to Brandon Freeman, Nick McMullin, and Matthew Wade, as well as all of the different venues who have agreed to show the film.

Official Selection:
2011 ARTSFEST Film Festival in Harrisburg, PA
2011 Portland Underground Film Festival
Lyric Cinema's Byllynsgate Ball June 30, 2011
2011 LA Arthouse Film Festival, Honorable Mention
Artgrease, in conjunction with Squeaky Wheel, The Buffalo Media Arts Center
2011 Sydney Underground Film Festival
2011 Raindance Film Festival
2011 Atlanta Underground Film Festival
2011 Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival
2011 Aesthetica Short Film Festival
2011 CSU Media Festival, Winner of the Cammy Award for Excellence
2012 Spokane International Film Festival
Glimmer 2012: The 10th Hull International Short Film Festival
Original languageAmerican English
Media of outputOnline
StatePublished - 2011


  • Film Production

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