The Case for Open Access Publishing

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Open Access Scholarship. In order to deepen your understanding of this topic, please read the following materials.
Open Access  by Peter Suber, Chapter 1 “What is Open Access”
Questions to consider:
What kind of things do you think would be different if all scholarship is and had always been open access? 
How is open access content different than pirated content?
What kind of impact would it have had on your experience if all of your textbooks were freely and openly accessible?
The academic, economic and societal impacts of Open Access: an evidence-based review
[Read just the sections 'The Social Impact of Open Access' and 'Open Access in Developing Countries']
Questions to consider:
According to the authors of the article, why should universities and the faculty who teach here prioritize Open Access approaches to scholarship?
Does Open Access scholarship have a different impact in different parts of the world?
Publishing Undergraduate Research: Linking Teaching and Research through a Dedicated Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal
Questions to consider:
What are the benefits of publishing student projects in open access journals?
Should this be a more common practice?
Are there any drawbacks?
Examples of Open access undergraduate work in practice:
Writing Waves  or  Culture Society & Praxis or
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