Redemption and Recovery: Further Parallels of Religion and Science in Addiction Treatment by Daniel E. Hood (review)

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Just twelve blocks apart in the South Bronx sit two respective facilities devoted to the treatment and recovery of people living with addiction. Both serve men and women from similar backgrounds who have experienced social marginalization due to poverty, race, and the stigma of drug use. In Redemption and Recovery, Daniel E. Hood argues that, although each house takes externally divergent approaches to rehabilitate residents, evidence shows that their methods are actually quite similar. In addition, their rates of success leading to drug-free lives are both extremely low. The book is a companion to Hood’s previous work, Addiction Treatment: Comparing Religion and Science in Application (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2011).
Original languageAmerican English
JournalOral History Review
StatePublished - 2013


  • recovery
  • oral history
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