Latin American Transnational Children and Youth: Experiences of Nature and Place, Culture and Care Across the Americas

Victoria Derr, Yolanda Corona Caraveo

Research output: Book/ReportBook


Latin American Transnational Children and Youth  focuses on understanding young people’s connection to nature and place within a transnational and Latin American context. It serves to diversify, elaborate, and sometimes challenge the assumptions made in researching people and place, and unearths the complexities of a world in which the identity of many is not shaped by a single place or culture, but instead by complex interactions among these. Spanning across ages and geographies, the book explores the central themes of sense of place, identity, and environmental action, with an emphasis on Latinx and Indigenous communities. This book balances theoretical questions with geographically contextual empirical research. Each section is situated in current interdisciplinary research and provides geographically specific examples of children and youth’s perspectives on place relations, migration, transnationalism, and an emerging demographic of environmentalists. Contributors from Latin America and the United States advance the fields of childhood and youth studies, environmental psychology, geography, sociology, planning, and education. This book looks across the Americas, to see how young people experience their worlds and constructively contribute to their places and environments.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 2021


  • Indigenous
  • Latinx
  • children
  • environmental education
  • geography
  • nature
  • place studies
  • youth


  • Education
  • Life Sciences
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

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