Keynote, Sea Mar Health Corporate Center, Seattle, WA

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Volumes have been written about Cesar Chavez, tons of film and video documentaries recorded, all trying to tell us who Cesar was, what he accomplished and didn’t, his grace and flaws. But, no matter how much we’ve read or seen of him, do we know the real Cesar Chavez?

Professor Arias will sketch out his view of who Cesar was, not the farm worker union leader or the anti-grapes guy, but the social scientist, the idea-maker, the change maker. At the same time, he will stretch out the boundaries of the known, open up for us the world of Enterprise Architecture, the magic of virtual pedagogy like we have not seen or imagined, and guide us in re-writing the code of how Chicano and Latino students can thrive and prosper in whatever field of study they choose.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - Mar 29 2021


  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

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