Evidence-Based Practice in School Mental Health

James C. Raines, Jim Raines

Research output: Book/ReportBook


Evidence-based practice in school mental health explains the nuts and bolts of infusing research throughout school-based practice following guidelines set forth by the US Department of Education. In clear, step-by-step detail, it provides the conceptual tools needed to locate, evaluate, and apply evidence in order to demonstrate positive outcomes for students. With its case examples and exercises, this book offers a pragmatic approach to informing practice decisions with appropriate research to ensure that students receive the best service. The chapters amount to an easy-to-follow road map to evidence-based practice (EBP), explaining how to ask the right questions; search for evidence; appraise the literature while avoiding the pitfalls of web-based information; adapt and apply evidence in a developmentally and culturally sensitive way; and evaluate the results. Detailed examples from practice and adaptable sample spreadsheets to evaluate students' progress make the goal of accountability attainable for school professionals who otherwise would struggle to find the time, resources, and support to utilize research in their work.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 2008


  • accountability
  • empirically-supported interventions
  • evidence-based practice
  • research-based practice
  • scientifically based practice
  • web-based information


  • Education
  • Psychiatric and Mental Health
  • School Psychology

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