Evaluating Interprofessional Team Performance: A Faculty Rater Tool

Christopher Forest, Désirée A. Lie, Sae Byul (Sarah) Ma

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Introduction: Reliable team assessment has become a priority because of growing emphasis on
interprofessional education and team-based care. Objective rating scales are needed to evaluate
interprofessional student teams and individuals and provide real-time feedback. Methods: In response to
a need for behavioral rating scales, we modified the McMaster-Ottawa Scale from a 9-point to a 3-point
scale and added descriptive behavioral anchors to define three levels of competency (i.e., below, at, and
above expected). This modification is intended to provide consistent rating of individuals and teams in
patient settings. We then developed a demonstration video using actors representing four professions to
demonstrate the three levels of performance within the team. Our faculty rater tool, consisting of the
modified scale and video, is designed to provide standardized ratings in interprofessional educational
settings that involve patient care. Results: We conducted training sessions with 40 faculty members from
seven professions (medicine, dentistry, occupational therapy, nursing, pharmacy, physician assistant, and
psychology) over a 2-year period. Immediately after each training session, two trained faculty observers
rated interprofessional student teams as they conducted history and assessments on standardized
patients. Observer scores were compared with one another and with standard expert ratings of the same
teams. Trained observer ratings were consistent across the pairs. The observer training can be conducted
within 60-90 minutes with the tool. Discussion: Results of our implementation of the faculty rater tool
confirm that the modified McMaster-Ottawa Scale is feasible to administer in clinical settings and that the
demonstration video can be easily adopted for standardizing observer ratings.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 2016


  • Behavior Anchors
  • Faculty Training
  • Interprofessional Education
  • Interprofessional Relations
  • McMaster-Ottawa
  • Rating Scale
  • Team Assessment


  • Medical Education

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