California Coastal Commission

Armando A Arias, Ph.D., Armando A Arias

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In his capacity as the Founding Executive Director of the Big Sur Environmental Institute Dr. Arias provided leadership to enact a multitude of events and activities guided by the Consistency Determination Report, At the same time he encourage collaborations between the U.S. Forest and California Coastal Commission together under the auspices of the Big Sur Environmental Institute. Dr. Arias’ leadership role in bringing together these entities together was essential for managing 1,400 acres located on the Brazil Ranch to include one mile of coastal property while at the same time convening international world-class thinkers to grapple with global issues, such as global warming and the fate of humanity. At the same time Dr. Arias worked closely with the regional community of Big Sur and the Commissioners. Dr. Arias supported the BSEI activities through funds secured from the Land for Public Trust, The Big Sur Land Trust, Packard Foundation, Carmel Housing Association, and more to convene meetings between world-class thinkers to address global issues, such as global warming and the fate of humanity. 
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 2020


  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

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