Business Japanese, a HyperCard Simulation

Yoshiko Saito-Abbott, Thomas Abbott

Research output: Other contribution


This paper describes Business Japanese (BJ), a HyperCard based tutorial designed as courseware for use in a third-year Japanese course at the University of Texas, Austin (UTA). A major objective was to develop good courseware based on proven language learning theory that would integrate theory, practice, and technology. BJ stresses a realistic and functional approach to teaching authentic Japanese by presenting all dialog materials in authentic Japanese, Romanized Japanese, and English. Among the unique features of BJ is the use of specially developed fonts to present authentic Japanese language and a business trip simulation as the organizing vehicle to teach both Japanese language and cultural concepts. Nine sample HyperCard file cards are presented. The development and integration of BJ into the UTA Japanese curriculum are also discussed. 
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 1993


  • Computer Sciences
  • Graphics and Human Computer Interfaces
  • Higher Education

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