Bridging Beliefs, Values, and Past Experiences with Instructional Practice

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Research has established the challenges that novice math teachers face as they move from
teacher preparation programs into their first year of teaching (Drake, 2006; Gainsburg, 2012;
Millsaps, 2000; Thompson, 1992). Specifically, math teachers are found to have problems with
implementing instructional practices that promote conceptual understanding. This research
places direct emphasis on understanding in detail the connections between teachers’
mathematical life stories and specific instructional sense making. More specifically, how do
preservice teachers inform the development and implementation of their instructional practice
over the course of their credential year and into the first two years of practice? What are the
factors that influence this informing and what combinations of factors attribute to their
development and implementation of instructional practice?


  • Teacher Education-Preservice
  • Teacher Beliefs
  • Instructional Practice


  • Education
  • Secondary Education and Teaching

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