Violet Cavicchi Muñoz

Violet Cavicchi Muñoz

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    Violet Cavicchi Muñoz (Ph.D., Brown University) studies participation in everyday music traditions and how these practices matter for negotiating intimacy and inequality within the Americas. She has engaged in long-term ethnographic fieldwork with musicians in the Andean highlands of Peru (2011-2019). Her research interests include music cultures of Latin American and Latina/o/x communities; decolonial studies; border studies, migration and migrant networks; music media and technology; and gender and sexuality in music. Violet has organized and contributed to a variety of public ethnomusicology projects and panels on music and culture, including for the Society for Ethnomusicology, International Association for the Study of Popular Music, American Anthropological Association, Latin American Studies Association, and the Smithsonian Institution.


    • Arts and Humanities
    • Latin American Languages and Societies
    • Music