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Gerick Bergsma

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    Gerick Bergsma is an ecologist and naturalist that teaches courses in the departments of Biology & ChemistryMarine Science, and Applied Environmental Science at California State University, Monterey Bay.  He also serves as the curator of the CSUMB Biological Teaching Collection for the College of Science and leads professional and academic development programs and workshops for the Science Internship Program (SIP) and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC).  Dr. Bergsma's teaching focuses on hands-on field and laboratory courses in ecology, zoology, marine science, and wildlife biology as well as developing and leading undergraduate research and internship programs.

    Dr. Bergsma received his masters and doctorate in Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Washington, Seattle. Dr. Bergsma’s academic interests include ecology, marine science, invertebrate zoology, and ornithology.  His research bridges natural history and community ecology, and focuses on how species interactions affect biological communities.

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